TomYang Online Strategy

TomYang Online Strategy

From the lion’s den to market success


When Tom Yang BBQ set out to change the world of table grills once and for all in early 2015 hardly anybody knew about the Thai „Mu kratha“ in Europe. And nobody knew about the modernized version Tom Yang had derived from it. A long way to becoming the top selling table grill on Amazon within a year. A way we had the pleasure to help shaping and implementing.

Share the Love

Since their appearance in “Die Höhle der Löwen” (the German Shark Tank) people love Tom Yang and the facebook page has been the central hub for the community ever since. Signal keeps the social flow going, provides support and delivers fresh content to an ever growing audience.

Get the Word out

Together with TomYang's marketing team we work on building the brand and creating the necessary reach. Our campaigns support direct sales in the web shop and on amazon and make sure Tom Yang can be easily found online.