Peace monument microsite

Peace monument microsite

Getting a physical monument online


The new peace monument is a great addition to the community of Molln, Austria and adds a unique perspective on an important historical context. To make it possible to experience this work on community history online, Signal implemented a react-based microsite which augments the monuments' aesthetic with additional historical data.

View: Monument

Peace monument Molln monument view

The base view consists of processed photos of the monument itself. The elaborate, handwritten typography visualizes the former living location of the fallen of the first and second world wars and thus implicitly the communities borders. To provide a seamless transition between overview and detailed presentation and to capture the aesthetic of the monument seamlessly we used react in combination with the leaflet mapping framework.

View: Research

Peace monument Molln research view

To provide additional context information it is possible to add further information about the fallen. Drupal serves as a flexible content management solution and serves the data for detail views and filter options.