Instagram for business

Instagram for business

Over 600 million people worldwide use Instagram every single month, more than two thirds of them every day. These figures make the platform also intriguing for businesses. The introduction of Instagram Business in August 2016 made it possible to create a business profile. The platform therefore offes functions, such as Instagram Insights, which allow the analysis of target groups and the interaction rate, amongst others. Creating a Business Profile is easy, as the Step-by-Step Guide shows:

Connecting with Facebook

To create a Business Profile on Instagram Facebook requires you to confirm your identity by connecting it to your Facebook Business Page. This allows Instagram to quickly include business information from your Facebook Page. To connect go to „Settings“ on your Facebook Page and click „Instagram Adverts“. Now you have two possiblities:

  • Add an existing account Just enter your username and password of your existing Instagram account
  • Create a new account If you don‘t have an accout you can easily create it here
Connecting with Facebook

Creating a Business Profile

  1. Open the Instagram app on a mobile device. Log in to your account and visit your „Profile“. Tap on the Icon in the upper right corner (depending on your device it is gear icon or dots icon) and and click „Switch to Business Profile“.

  2. After that you will be asked to „Connect Your Facebook Page“. Instagram shows here all the Pages you are an admin of. Choose the page you want to connect your Instagram Profile with. Instagram does not support Facebook Location Pages, therefore you should choose the Page your business uses the most.

Switch to Business Profile
  1. Next you can „Set Up your Profile“ and edit the contact information of your business. Tap „Done“ to save.

  2. The Business Profile is now complete. If you tap on the icon in the upper right corner and click „Edit Profile“ you can edit the contact information on your Business Profile.

Mit Facebook-Seite verbindenUnternehmensprofil einrichten

Creating an Instagram Business Profile is easy and quickly done. For a successful page you need a good strategy and know how to interpret the Instagram Insights. These topics will be discussed in the next parts of our Instagram series.