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We are an interdisciplinary team that will help you make your online project successful.
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Idea or Problem? - You have a great idea or a problem that needs to be addressed? Maybe both? Signal has vast experience in doing small to medium sized web projects across multiple industries and can refine your concept, optimize the user experience and provide a solid implementation.

Strictly no trash talk and hard selling – we won't cold call first. If you like what you see and read, give us a call.

The people of Signal

  • Markus Aichinger Foto

    Markus Aichinger

    Partner & Lead developer

    Focused on development and design, Markus experiments with current technologies and researches, aside from his passion for Drupal, frameworks like React and Elm

  • Bernhard Grabner Foto

    Bernhard Grabner

    Partner & Head of marketing

    Privately being a passionate YouTuber and Gaming-Streamer, Bernhards professional focus rests solely on the development of social-media intensive strategies for online marketing.

  • Constanze Gamsjäger Foto

    Constanze Gamsjäger

    Content & Online marketing

    Constanze coordinates concept, design and content and offers a view on the big picture of our online projects, aided by her interest for technological perspectives.

  • Leonhard Wolfmayr Foto

    Leonhard Wolfmayr

    Webdevelopment & Infrastructure

    With deep DevOps knowledge and a passion for Linux, Leonhard leads and plans the connections between infrastructure and application development.

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