Vitalakademie Course Marketing Platform

Vitalakademie Course Marketing Platform

Dynamic course subscription and presentation system


The Vitalakademie offers their customers a great variety of trainings and seminars and provides great flexibility to choose their ideal education. Signal supports the Vitalakademie with a platform, which enables their team to easily present trainings and handle the ordering process online and with multiple locations.

Sort and display

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To provide the means to present the changing training offers, the underlying structure was modeled in detail via the content management layer. With minimal input the trainings can thus be connected to categories, locations and trainers.

Buy and Customize

The handling of the ordering process based on Drupal Commerce enables a great deal of flexible discount and add-on options. Individual additional buying options for trainings and training categories were made possible.

The ability to model arbitrarily complex data structures in Drupal allows to specify additional information like incremental payment options cleanly and in a structured form - fully available in the ordering process.

Learn and communicate

The user accounts on allow for further interaction: Participants are automatically added to various online training groups based on their purchase. There they are able to review learning materials or exchange messages with their trainers or classmates. Trainers can easily communicate with their trainees through a specially designed channel.