NTS Retail Company website

NTS Retail Company website

Creating a website ready for international marketing


Leading telco brands worldwide place their trust in NTS Retail to run their in-store business- and service processes. Signal was tasked in early 2015 to bring their existing Drupal website to the next level. The focus of the relaunch was on optimized conversion, lead generation and the presentation of multilingual content.

Drupal Website

Being used to and appreciating Drupal as a CMS the choice of framework was already made and NTS Retail specifically looked for an agency specialized in Drupal development. Signal won the contract and delivered a website featuring, among other things, easy content generation by flexible sections, special handling of presentation and downloading of premium content like whitepapers, case studies or folders and Drupal’s proven multilingual capabilities.

International SEO

Since NTS Retail is exclusively focused on telecom companies, the possible target audience is very small and distributed worldwide. In a nutshell, a special challenge for Signal’s online marketing department. Together with NTS Retail’s marketing department Signal creates industry specific content and is reaching out to potential customers by special online campaigns and by enhanced visibility on google search.