Gradoguide Online Marketing

Gradoguide Online Marketing

Establishing a tourist information website


Grado, located on the Adriatic Sea between Venice and Trieste is one of Austrian’s favourite destinations for a short holiday and aims to be the primary source of information for visitors regarding hotels, events and interesting trip destinations. Signal developed especially the facebook page to be the best informed and most current online medium regarding travel and leisure information in and around Grado.

Superior content

Signal gathers information from online and offline media and by adding first hand local content creates the best editorial mix available for the region. The result is a growing community and frequent references on other media sites. Additionally, this strategy supports the relevancy and visibility of the website.

Getting found

Backed by the content strategy, Signal optimizes the website for search engines and ensures that people looking for travel or booking information in and around Grado actually find Complementary online campaigns complete the marketing mix and ensure attention for short term communication events.