Facebook global pages

Facebook global pages

Facebook provides a useful feature for international businesses: global pages. This framework allows advertisers to create localized versions of their content but with one universal brand name, one total fan count and global insights for the entire fan base.

The global page structure consists of three different types of pages:

1. Market pages

These are the different pages for the markets you want to reach. Visitors of your page will get directed to these pages according to their personal country and language settings. Each of the market pages has to be created manually before migrating into the global page structure.

2. Default page

This page acts as the main username for your page structure (e.g. www.facebook.com/signalonline) When a fan navigates to the default page he will be redirected to the appropriate market page. If someone does not meet any criteria of one of the market pages he will be redirected to the default page.

3. Root page

This is an invisible page that overlooks the whole structure of the global pages. It gives insights for all your pages. Admins of the root page can manage the global pages structure by adding or removing countries and languages.

How to set up and manage global pages

To set up the global pages framework you have to contact a sales representative of Facebook‘s pages team and fill in the provided spreadsheet with all the necessary data (e.g. page ID, username, targeted country and language). List all of the existing pages for your brand and create additional pages for your major markets, if necessary. After sending the spreadsheet back to your sales representative Facebook‘s page team will transition you to global pages. This process will take several hours. After the transition it takes about a week until you see all the statistics of your pages in the „Insights“ tab. After the transition Facebook will add a „Global pages“ tab to your page settings. There you can add or remove country and language settings or add extra market pages.

Global Pages Tab

This page framework makes it easier to coordinate advertising under one major brand and webaddress. The global pages structure has

  • one „like“ count for all pages
  • one webaddress, e.g. facebook.com/signalonline
  • an auto-redirect for its fans to the appropriate market page based on their personal language and location settings
  • statistics through global insights

You can custimize each market page with individual

  • posts
  • about section
  • cover photo
  • admins
  • applications
Regional variations of the pages

Although the main brand has one URL each of the market pages will keep their own vanity URL. People will be automatically redirected to the appropriate page but it is also possible to switch between regions manually. To do so just click on the „Switch Region“ option located in the „...“ menu in the right corner.

Switch region

Facebook‘s global pages is an effective tool for brands that currently have one or many country-specific pages. It enables you to create and manage localized versions of your content for customers in different countries but still maintain one universal brand name. However, posts on global pages will not be replicated on other market pages like in Facebook‘s parent-child structure.